ALON.jpgProf.Alon Klement, Tel Aviv University

"The Future of Class Actions and Collective Redress in Israel​"

During the first decade since the enactment of the Class Action Law in Israel, plaintiff and defendant lawyers, as well as district court judges, had to address numerous challenges presented by class action litigation. Moving into the second decade, these key actors will have to continue using their innovativeness and legal skills to decide various issues that will affect both the number and the mix of class actions.

In my lecture I will address several issues that will bear on the future development of class actions in Israel. These include the courts' inclination to actively regulate and supervise collective remedies, especially in class action settlements; their approach to regulatory class actions, and especially to voluntary dismissals of such actions;  the standardization of class representative and attorney fees; the participation of non-profit organizations in initiating and litigating class actions; the involvement of  regulators in class action litigation; and the preemptive measures that will be taken by prospective defendants to minimize their exposure to class action litigation and liability.
The Future of Class Actions and Collective Redress in Israel