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University of Haifa

Faculty of Law


Collective Redress, Class Actions and ADR

Thursday - Edmond Safdie Auditorium,  Multipurpose Building
Friday  - Aviva & Sammy Ofer Observatory, Eshkol Tower, 30th floor.


Conveners: Dr Ariel Flavian, Dr Rabeea Assy

Mass disputes present various legal challenges that have bewildered law-makers for decades. Different countries have addressed them in different ways, and two major models have developed on each side of the Atlantic: the opt-out model of class actions (mostly associated with the United States) as opposed to the opt-in collection suits model (mostly associated with Europe). Each such procedural tool has its own pros and cons, depending on one’s perspective (claimant, defendant, public).

The Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa will hold an international conference on legal resolution of mass disputes on November 26th-27th 2015. The conference will host a number of distinguished scholars and practitioners from different jurisdictions, including Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.
The conference will provide a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on the treatment of mass disputes around the globe. It will hold panels on class actions, collective redress, transnational class actions, ADR and ODR, legal representation, and the social impact of collective disputes.

Practitioners and academics are most welcome.

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