Prof. Rebecca Giblin​

Informed by her early career as an information technology consultant, Rebecca's research focuses primarily on copyright law and the regulation of the internet and emerging technologies. Her book Code Wars (Edward Elgar, 2011, recounts the legal and technological history of the first decade of the P2P file sharing era, focusing on the innovative and anarchic ways in which P2P technologies evolved in response to decisions reached by courts with regard to their predecessors. Rebecca's recent major research paper 'Evaluating Graduated Response' considers the extent to which the big claims that are being made about the success and efficacy of global graduated responses are actually supported by the available evidence.

Current research interests include exploring the elusive notion of 'the public interest' in copyright, working towards a new flexible exceptions framework in Australia, further developing her work on anti-regulatory code and understanding the regulatory challenges posed to libraries as they shift to elending.  Rebecca is a Senior Lecturer within Monash University's law faculty and sits on the Board of the Australian Digital Alliance. During 2011 Rebecca was the Kernochan Visiting International Intellectual Property Scholar at Columbia Law School in New York, and in 2013 a Senior Visiting Scholar in residence at Berkeley Law School. During 2013 and 2014 her work was partly funded by the Monash University Research Accelerator Program.

·         A selection of Rebecca's recent papers is available on SSRN.

·         Tweets on tech law, IP & related issues @rgibli