From textbooks to eTexbooks: Regulatory Challenges/ Adv. Yoni Har Carmel​, ​

​Over the past two decades the educational system has been undergoing a significant evolution characterized, inter alia, by the introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the educational process. 
By enabling the merging of the familiar features of the printed textbook and the affordances of the digital environment, ICT gave rise to the E-Textbook.
The study focuses on the legal issues arising from the technological-pedagogical evolution the use of textbook has undergone. The study examines the current legal status regarding the different aspects of the use of textbook in the light of the transition toward the age of information in k-12 education and. 
Consequently, the study presents an academic infrastructure for applying the normative modifications necessary for optimizing the combination of ICT and innovative pedagogical approaches.