Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli​

​Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli (B.A., Haifa University, M.A. Ohio State University, M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University) is Director of the the Sagy Center for Internet Research (InfoSoc, the Center for the Study of the Information Society) and Head of the Graduate School of Management, University of Haifa Israel. He also leads the "Games for Exectives Project"

Previously, he served as head of the Information Systems area at the GSB in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, since 1986. 

His interests are in computers as media. 

He has published on this topic in journals such as Behavior and Information Technology, Communication Research, Computers and the Social Sciences, Computers and Human Behaviour (CHB), Journal of Communication, Information and Software Technology, Information Systems Research (ISR), Information Systems Journal (ISJ), the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), the International Journal of Electronic Business, the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS), Computers and Education, the International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling (IJSPM), and the Journal of Broadcasting. 

Sheizaf has been writing weekly columns for the Globes and Calcalist financial and business newspapers, and for YNet, a leading news portal. 

He is also active in practicing what he preaches: He has been involved in building internet-based activities such as online higher-education, journalism, political, governmental, social and economic virtual organizations and efforts. 

He authored software and books on graphics, electronic spreadsheets and statistical analysis, and a textbook on information systems for the Open University. 

He is co-editor, along with Fay Sudweeks and Margaret McLaughlin, of Network and NetPlay: Virtual Groups on the Internet published by MIT Press, 1998. 

He served as co-coordinator of the international ProjectH. He served as founder and co-editor ofThe Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, and is proud of initiating and setting up theSHIL (Citizen's Advice Board) online serice. He is currently member of several editorial boards, including those of JCMC, ITSharenet and IJKL. Prof. 

Rafaeli is a long time member of the Stockholm International Challenge Jury for Information Systems' Projects. 

Sheizaf has served in visiting research and teaching positions at Ohio State University, Michigan State University, IBM, Stanford University, Technion, Israeli College of Management, and the University of Michigan. 

His current interests include Electronic Business, Information Studies, Computer Mediated Communication, Social Networks Analysis, and Online Games, Simulation, and Serious Games. 

Over the past twenty five years he has taught courses on computers as media, and the social implications of new communication technologies, as well as numerous Information Systems' courses.​