Professor Michal Yerushalmy​

Professor Michal Yerushalmy (B.Sc., M.Sc. Technion,IL,  Ed.D. Harvard University) is on the faculty of the mathematics education department in the faculty of Education. She is the director of the Research Institute of Alternatives in Education at the University of Haifa Israel. Her interests are in learning with computerized environments. Prof. Yerushalmy research focus is on the study of mathematical learning and teaching, on design and implementation of reformed curricula and on cognitive processes involved in learning with multiple external representations, bodily interactions and modeling. She authored and designed numerous software packages in geometry, algebra and calculus and developed the interactive "VisualMath" secondary school mathematics web curriculum.  Current projects focus on learning with interactive diagrams in interactive electronic books and on mLearning. In the  Math4Mobile project Prof. Yerushalmy offers ways to make technology available for construction of knowledge for everyone everywhere.  Over the Past 25 years she has taught courses of didactic methods of mathematics and on cognitive and curricular implications of technology for education.
Recently, Prof. Yerushalmy won The 2010 ISDDE Prize for Excellence in Educational Design.​