Prof. Michal Yerushalmy

Learning with Digital Textbooks: On Authoring and Authority


Abstract: A textbook is a special type of book that is part of institutionalized schooling, assumed to present accumulation of knowledge and usually used in a particular way. Digital books offer new kinds of participation, flexibility and personalization – properties that are in contrast to the traditionally authoritative structure of the textbook and the passiveness of the reader (the teacher or the student). Current proposed pedagogical changes, especially those directly touching upon teaching and learning from open interactive educational resources seem to be the appropriate ones to support constructivist pedagogies but challenge the accepted and still dominant functions of the textbook and textbook culture. We will review the accepted norms of textbook authority in mathematics classrooms and address the challenges interactive eTextbook post to the foundational ideas of textbooks’ authority.. Three concerns will be in focus; the interactive multimodality, the disappearing of order and the nature of evolving textbooks.​