Managing Judges: Technology, History, and Separation of Powers

University of Haifa, Faculty of Law – December 21-23, 2016

 (Venue: Rabin ObservatoryRabin Building, Floor 9)

Workshop Outline


December 21

·         Morning Session (9:00-10:30) – Opening Remarks, Prof. Amnon Reichman followed by roundtable discussion: Judicial Administration in the 21st Century – An Interdisciplinary Overview

o   Prof. Bryant Garth (University of California, Irvine)

o   Prof. Amnon Reichman (University of Haifa)

o   Prof. Shimon Shetreet (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


·         Late Morning Session (11:00-12:30) – Paper presentation and discussion:

Shlomi Balaban, Amnon Reichman, & Yair Sagy, From a Panacea to a Panopticon – the Use and Misuse of Technology in the Regulation of Judges


o   Dr. Eldar Haber (University of Haifa)

o   Dr. Orna Rabinovich-Einy (University of Haifa)


·         Afternoon Session (14:00-15:30) –Roundtable discussion:

The Interface Between Technology, the Regulation of judges, and the Judicial Process

o   Dr. Gali Aviv (Director of the Israeli Courts Research Division), The Implementation and Deployment of IT in the Israeli Court System

o   Prof. Michael Birnhack (Tel Aviv University), Digital, Social Judges: The Use of Social Networks and the Image of the Judge

o   Prof. Ethan Katsh )University of Massachusetts), Online and On-demand Justice: New Processes and New Expectations

o   Dr. Keren Weinshall-Margel (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Judging Judicial Workloads: An Empirical Analysis of Judicial Workloads and their Consequences 

o   Prof. Tal Zarsky (University of Haifa)


·         Late Afternoon Session (16:00-17:30) – Paper presentation and discussion:

Guy Lurie, Amnon Reichman, & Yair Sagy, From Director to Manager: The Untold History of the Director of Courts of Israel


o   Prof. Ron Harris (Tel Aviv University)

o   Prof. Yoram Shachar (The Interdiciplinary Center Herzilya)

o   Prof. Chris Tomlins (University of California, Berkeley)


·         Workshop Dinner


December 22

·         Morning Session (10:00 -12:00) – Roundtable discussion:

Regulation Theory and the Management of Judges

o   Prof. Penny Darbyshire (Kingston University), The Management of Judges in England and Wales and in the UK Supreme Court, in the Context of Judidical Independece

o   Prof. Philip Langbroek (Utrecht University), From Quality Management to Quality Work in Four European Judiciaries

o   Dr. Guy Lurie (The Israel Democracy Institute), Reflections on the Regulation of Judges: Historical Commentary on the Papers

o   Prof. Jeffrey K. Staton (Emory University), Judges on Patrol: The Direct Monitoring of Compliance with Judicial Orders

o   Dr. Sharon Yadin (Peres Academic Center), Regulation: Meaning, Definition and Scope in the Context of the Judiciary 


·         Early Afternoon session (13:30-15:30) – Roundtable discussion: The Evolution of "the Judicial Business" and the Question of Court Administration – The Normative Challenge

o   Prof. Giuseppe Ferrari (Bocconi University)

o   Prof. David S. Law (Washington University in St. Louis & The University of Hong Kong), Institutional Design and Hierarchical Control of the Judiciary: The Case of Japan


Early Afternoon session (13:30-15:30) – cont'd

o   Prof. Maimon Schwarzschild (University of San Diego), Bureacuratic Takeover of Criminal Senecing

o   Prof. Martine Valois (University of Montreal), The Normative Framework of Admistrating the Courts in Quebec: A Portrait of the Tensions in Court Adminstration and Judicial Indpendence


·         Late Afternoon Session (16:00-18:30) – Paper presentation and discussion:

Guy Lurie, Amnon Reichman, & Yair Sagy, Institutional Realism: The Hidden Importance of Agencification

(There will be a 10-minute intermission in the middle of this session)


o   Dr. Ori Aronson (Bar-Ilan University)

o   Prof. Michal Alberstein & Dr. Nourit Zimerman (Bar-Ilan University)

o   Prof. Margit Cohn (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

o   Prof. David Levi-Faur (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

o   Prof. Issi Rosen-Zvi (Tel Aviv University)

o   Dr. Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Some Thoughts on the Limits of Judges' Common-Sense and "Judicial Notice"


·         Workshop Dinner


December 23  

·         Morning Session (9:00-10:30) – Paper presentation and discussion:

Guy Lurie, Amnon Reichman, & Yair Sagy, Judicial Independence: The Internal Perspective in the 21st Century – The Threat from Within?


o   Prof. Sujit Choudhry (University of California, Berkeley)

o   Dr. Adam Shinar (The Interdiciplinary Center Herzilya)


Morning Session (9:00-10:30) –  cont'd

o   Dr. Rivka Weill (Israel Institute Visiting Professor, Cardozo Law School, The Interdiciplinary Center Herzilya)


·         Late Morning Session (11:00-12:30) – Plenary Discussion led by Prof. Eran Vigoda Gadot (University of Haifa): Setting The Agenda for the Further Research of Judicial Administration

o   Prof. Philip Langbroek (Utrecht University)

o   Prof. David  S. Law (Washington University in St. Louis & The University of Hong Kong)

o   Prof. Chris Tomlins (University of California, Berkeley)