Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman

Research Subject:
What is the Appropriate Policy for Accessibility of Research Outcomes in Israel
Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren.
LL.M., magna cum laude, Tel-Aviv University, 2008.
-          Recipient of the Wolf Scholarship for second degree student.
-          Thesis paper titled "Does the Free Software Foundation Suggest a Proper Substitute for the Property Regime of Software", supervised by Prof. Ofer Grosskopf & Dr. Assaf Jacov.
-          Member of the Editorial Board of "Daniel's Book: Inquiries in the Scholarship of Professor Daniel Fridman".
LL.B., Summa Cum Laude, Haifa University, 2001.
-          Recipient of Honor Certificate from the Knesset for excellence in academic studies, 2001.
-          Recipient of Aladdin Prize for outstanding papers in law and technology, 2001.
-          Excellent student – faculty of law, 2000.
-          Recipient of Scholarship in the memory of Adv. Joseph Samuel – The Israeli Bar, 2000.
-          Recipient of the Meyerhof Fund Scholarship, 1999.
-          Included in the Dean's List 1998-2000.
 B.Sc., Computer Science, magna cum laude, Haifa University, 2001.
-          Recipient of Excellence Scholarship in computer science in the memory of Captain Uri Michael Akavia, 1999-2000.
Academic Experience
Legal supervisor of the Law and Technology Clinic, Haifa Center for Law and Technology, Haifa University, Faculty of Law since 2009.
"Information: Law, Ethics and Deviation", Haifa University, The Graduate School of Management, M.A. Information and Knowledge Management since 2011.
Adjunct Lecturer, University, Faculty of Law, "Software Law" since 2008.
  Associate Editor "Mishpat Umimshal – Law and Government in Israel" (2008-2009).
Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant, including frontal instruction, for several professors in various legal fields (IP Law, Patent Law, Evidence Law, Legal Ethics: in Haifa University, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Netanya Academic College and Ono Academic College (2000-2002, 2005-2010).
Further Information
Member of the Israeli Bar since 2002.
Fields of interest: Law & Technology: Data Security & Cyber Security including Cyber Terrorism, Intellectual Property, Software Law and Information Law; Evidence Law; Legal Ethics.
In the field of Legal Ethics: wrote legal opinions for the Israeli bar.
Conferences & Lectures

1.     "Copyright, Creative Commons and Open Content", MELI Ex Libris Users Group – Israel Conference about Loans and Interlibrary Loans, Tel-Aviv Israel, May 2013.
2.     Participant in the Panel: "Technology and Law – Difficulties in Applying the Law on Technological Progress", Computer, High-Tech and Information Committee of the Tel-Aviv District Israeli Bar, Tel-Aviv Israel, May 2013.
3.     "Practical Uses of Creative Commons Licenses", Teldan Conference Info 2013, Tel-Aviv Israel, May 2013. 
4.     "Openness, Law and Creative Commons Tools" – 2012 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Culture, Jerusalem Israel, November 2012.           
http://www.minervaisrael.org.il/evaminerva2012/Dalit_Ken-Dror_HCLT_EvaMinerva_2012.pdf,  http://www.minervaisrael.org.il/evaminerva2012/17_dalit_ken-dror_openess_law_cc.pdf
5.     "Gold & Green Models - an Open Access Solution?", Wikipedia Academy at the Freie Universität Berlin Germany, June/July 2012. http://wikipedia-academy.de/2012/wiki/Schedule#Paper_Session_IV:_Open_Access_to_Research_and_Culture.
6.     "When Copyright Met Media", in Games of Executives Course at the  IBA – Israel International Radio & TV, Jerusalem Israel, October 2012, November 2011.
7.     "Open Access, Digitization and Libraries", Teldan Conference Info 2012, Tel-Aviv Israel, May 2012. 
8.     "The Digital Library: All Rights Reserved?" – The National Library of Israel, March 2012, February 2011 –  
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pjUUW9Bu9U; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro6xfdWLlTE&feature=related
9.     "Open Education: Fair Use Best Practices for Higher Education InstitutionsCourse Packs & Digital Syllabus" – Multi-Yeda 2011, The Israeli Center for Libraries, Kfar Maccabiah Israel, March 2011 http://www.hasifria.org.il/UploadFiles/03_2012/meidat%207.pdf;  Meital Conference hosted by The Open University of Israel, June 2010.
10.  "Copyright, Creative Commons and Open Content", Joint Lecture, Recorded Lecture, The Center for Educational Technology (CET), Tel Aviv Israel, November 2011.        
http://video.cet.ac.il/VideoPlayer.aspx?xmlConfigPath=Mafilim/2011/Civic_ZchuyotYotzrim_mdi.xml [in Hebrew].
11.  Chair of the Panel: "Wikipedia, the Law and the Real World", Wikimania 2011, Haifa Israel, August 2011.   
12.  Round Table – Ethics and Education, Participant, The Jerusalem Center for Ethics Mishkenot Sha’ananim Israel, February 2011.
13.  "Intellectual Property", Invitation to the University for High School Pupils Faculty of Law Haifa University, December 2010.
14.  "Creative Commons Licenses, Open Source Software Licenses & the new Israeli Copyright Act of 2007", Haifux Club Technion Haifa Israel, December 2010.
15.  "Facilitating Access to Knowledge by Asserting Users' Rights: An Israeli Case Study" – Joint Lecture, COMMUNIA – 3rd Free Culture Research Conference, Berlin Germany, October 2010. http://www.communia-project.eu/node/442.
16.  "The Rules That Apply Libraries in Light of the New Copyright Act – With Aphesis on Loan Issues", MELI Ex Libris Users Group – Israel Conference about Loans and Interlibrary Loans, Ben-Gurion Uni., July 2010.
17.  "Fair Use Best Practices for Higher Education Institutions - The Israeli Experience" – COMMUNIA – University and Cyberspace, Turin Italy, June 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c187SiIe8Is;            
18.  Poster: "Open Education Project – Creative Commons Licenses as an Open Access Platform", 7th Meital Conference, Israel, October 2009. http://meital.iucc.ac.il/conf2009/program/program-006.htm
19.  "Public Domain, Open Content and Copyright" – Wikipedia-Academy Conference, Israel, May 2009.
20.  "Does the Free Software Foundation Suggest a Proper Substitute for the Property Regime of Software?" – WIPO Worldwide Academy Joint Post-Graduate IP Workshop Program, University of Haifa Israel, March 2008.
Academic Co-Organizer of the eBooks: A New Era of Law, Business and Society Conference, The Haifa Center for Law & Technology (HCLT), The Sagy Center for Internet Research, University of Haifa in collaboration with The National Library of Israel, May 2011.
Organizer of the Public Domain Day – Israel, Law Faculty, University of Haifa, January 2011, January 2012, December 2012.
Organizer of the Creative Commons 10 years celebrations in Israel, Israel, Law Faculty, University of Haifa, December 2012.
List of Publications
1.     "Permitted Uses of Protected Works and the Use of Public Domain Works in the Education System" 13 Gadish 198 (2012) available at: http://cms.education.gov.il/EducationCMS/Units/AdultEducation/PirsumeiAgaf/Gadish/gadish_13.htm [in Hebrew].
2.     "Facilitating Access to Knowledge by Asserting Users' Rights: An Israeli Case Study" (co-writer with Meital Duvdevani) COMMUNIA – 3rd Free Culture Research Conference, Berlin Germany, October 2010 available at:  
3.     "To Send or Not to Send an Email from Work – That is the Question: Email and the Issue of Eavesdropping" 5(1) Law Watch 20 (2009), available at:           http://law.haifa.ac.il/lawatch/lawatch_files/gilionE/N2.pdf [in Hebrew].
4.     "The Research and Development Act 1984 – Is the Current Situation Desirable" Aladdin Prize, Series Publication of the Haifa Center for Law & Technology  (2001) [in Hebrew] available at:               http://law.haifa.ac.il/speech/works/sem-dalit.pdf




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