Posen Forum

The Posen Research Forum
for Jewish European and Israeli Political Thought

The Posen Research Forum is dedicated to the intellectual history of political and legal cultures in Europe and in Israel, with particular emphasis on the

Jewish-European millennium and its viable legacies for modern political thinking, and for positive Israeli-European dialogue. 

The Posen Forum, launched in October 2003, offers a discussion setting and research support for scholars and students interested in various aspects of

Jewish-European and European-Israeli political and legal thought.

Head of Forum: Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger                                                     
Academic Coordinator: Adv. Keren Hakim
Coordinators:Ms. Sapir Hazan

In January 4-6 2015, Posen Forum will hold a conference -
"Enlightenment beyond Radicalism: Reasserting the Role of Faith in the European Enlightenment"