The Cyber Forum Research Projects:

Being a joint project of the Haifa Center for Law & Technology (HCLT) and the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa, the Cyber Forum promotes research activities in the fields of Cyberspace, Extreme Conditions, and Law and Technology.

Areas of research include timely issues such as: Cyber Regulation, Policy, and Theory; Cyber Terrorism; Data Protection and Information Privacy; Cyber Security; Internet Architecture and Standard Settings; Legal Aspects of Biotechnology.

​In conducting its research projects, the Cyber Forum collaborates with both Israeli and International Research Centers, Think-Tanks, and Governmental Institutions. To the Research Partners page​​​​.

​​​​Partial List of Research Projects:

Defensive Democracy - Legal Measures for Cyber ​​Protection and the Protection of Constitutional Rights (Funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Space): The study will provide a systematic framework for designing legal policies and creating necessary legal tools to address cyber threats that Israel is facing today. The study will also propose guidelines and tools for policymakers.​​

Law, Cyber and Extreme Conditions (Funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Space)​​ - The research will look into both defensive and offensive actions, before, during and after a cyber disaster. It will include a comprehensive empirical mapping of existing legal tools as well as the institutional aspects of regulation, control, responsibilities and liabilities of cyber emergencies outcomes. The research will employ qualitative analysis tools over primary and secondary data resources, legal databases as well as interviews and simulations with stakeholders.​

Cyber Terrorism Project​ - The current research first goal is to define cyber terror after a comprehensive theoretical research. The research will also examine by theoretical research the current professional literature regarding the legal ways to de​al with cyber terror.​

Encouraging Innovation in Cybersecurity​ - The study examines the basic assumptions regarding government's involvement in promoting innovation, and criticizes them in light of the unique challenges in cyberspace​

The Cyber Civil War: The Roles of Individuals in Cyber Warfare​ - This research project scrutinizes the new threats to civilians in cyber warfare, emerging mostly from other civilians, and proposes a modest solution to the new informational threat. Its mission is to first examine the two traditional roles civilians play in the digital battlefield, both as attackers and as potential targets. Then, it locates the new threat of cyber warfare to civilians​.

​​Cyber Forum Meetings​ - During the Semester, the Cyber Forum conducts a monthly meeting. In these meetings, open to the pu​blic, invited guests and lectures can present their research projects and policy initiatives.  In other cases, the Cyber Forum meetings are designated to a specific topic or a presentation, making the entire meeting a possibility to educate the audience more deeply into the issue in hand. 
​Topics of the meetings include, among others: cyber terrorism, cyber attacks, state regulation of cyber security, comparative research, privacy rights.​