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  Dr. Noya Rimalt​​- Is an Associate Professor of law at the University of Haifa. Her scholarship examines the intersections of gender, law and feminism in both legal theory and practice. She has written numerous articles on issues such as female offenders, sexual harassment, gender and multiculturalism, women in the military, female conscientious objectors, motherhood and law, political empowerment of women and gender equality in the workplace. Her book Legal Feminism from Theory to Practice: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Israel and the United States, published in 2010, serves as a basic textbook in law and feminism courses. Dr. Rimalt joined the University of Haifa Law Faculty after serving as the founding director of the first civil rights legal clinic in Israel. In recent years she was a visiting professor at Georgetown University and at American University. She regularly advises the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women. A bill amending abortion law in Israel, drafted by Dr. Rimalt, is currently under preliminary consideration in the Knesset.
  Prof. Shulamit Almog-Is a Full Professor of Law at the University of Haifa. She researches in the areas of law and literature, law and culture and feminist legal studies. Prof. Almog has published numerous books and articles in U.S, Canadian, European and Israeli law reviews, Focusing on sexuality and law, prostitution and women in army. Bills dealing with mobbing at workplace and gender neutral language, inspired by her work, are being prepared. In addition to her research, she is publicly active in human rights issues. She appears before the Israeli Knesset, has drafted sections of Israel’s report to the UN on the International Convention on Children’s Rights, has participated in the committee to reform Israel’s adoption law and serves as a committee member for the National Award for Combating Trafficking in Persons. Prof. Almog is deeply committed to the application of research to promote social justice, and believes that a rigorous intellectual framework, focused on the power of narrative, can inform policy in these areas in a manner that can bring about very real improvements to people’s lives. In recent years she dealt extensively with law and narrative, and with the pivotal role of narrative in the quest for social change and paradigm shifting. 
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