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collapse 2013
Telecommunication Conference22/05/2013
International Conference on Competition in a Hi-Tech World
collapse 2012
Intellectual Property biotechnological research in Israel20/12/2012
Celebration: 10 Years to Creative Commons and PD Day 2012
Privacy in Social Networks
Patent Authority policy in a changing world
Rabin Observatory13/01/2012
PD Day Event at Haifa University
collapse 2011
Our Faculty with the National Library hosts Jonathan Band PLLC lecture - library under attack: how to guarantee free access to knowledge twenty-first century?
Open year event - Patent Wars, the Next Generation
Senate Room, 29th Floor08/11/2011
eBooks a New Era of Law Business and Society
Event on the occasion of publication of the book - Hebrew and the Web, by Rubik Rosenthal Caramel Wiseman
Faculty Seminar Room12/05/2011
Medicine 2.0: Legal and Ethical Dilemmas of Online Medicine
Law in the Age of Facebook and WikiLeaks a lecture by Prof. Ethan Katsh
PD Day Celebration at Haifa University
collapse 2010
Opening of the Year Special Event: Privacy in the age of Facebook
Annual Workshop on Intellectual Property Law
Faculty of Law, Room 304422/06/2010
Privacy Theories in a Digital Age
Room 3021, Madregot Building, 3rd Floor10/06/2010
Patenting for Growth: Leveraging the Israeli High-Tech Industry
You are invited to a round table on mediation in the business world: issues in front of the domain
collapse 2009
Center for Law and Technology hosts the Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon to discuss the ministry goals for 2010Room 3021, the Terrace building 04/12/2009
Sports broadcasts on the Internet
 In Response  to The Football Association Premier League
Haifa University20/10/2009
Tel Aviv District Court judge, Michal Agmon - Gonen, refers for the first time in her verdict there had not confirmed the exposure of a web customer
The University of Haifa in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy
The International Master's Program in Patent Law
Rabin Observatory04/06/2009
International Conference on Disputes, Technology and Law: Expanding the Boundaries of Online Dispute ResolutionThe conference is devoted to the growing field of study and practice often referred to as ODR. Since 2002, a group of academics, practitioners, and policymakers have been meeting on an annual basis to discuss developments in the field. What has begun as the study of the delivery of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services online (or through software), has grown substantially over the course of these 7 years, to include a wide variety of sophisticated online dispute resolution tools and mechanisms, applied to a wide array of conflicts that range from e-commerce and domain name disputes to family feuds and peacemaking efforts. In addition, the understanding of what ODR is has undergone a significant change with such developments as the emergence of digital court projects, the wide availability of legal information online and the transformation of the legal profession, pushing the limits of our current understandings of the borders among ADR, ODR and law. This conference brings together a diverse group from various countries and a wide range of disciplines to study these developments and reflect on future trends. 03/06/2009
The IPTV Challenge to Telecommunications PolicyRoom 4045, Terrace Biulding, University of Haifa17/03/2009
collapse 2008
Law meets Industry: Biosciences Patents - Day 2The ideal intellectual property system creates incentives for innovation, without unduly restricting access for consumers and follow-on innovators. It must strike the right balance in a rapidly changing world so that innovators can further be standing Main Building, Hecht Hall17/06/2008
Law meets Industry: Biosciences Patents - Day 1
The ideal intellectual property system creates incentives for innovation, without unduly restricting access for consumers and follow-on innovators. It must strike the right balance in a rapidly changing world so that innovators can further be standing on
Main Building, Hecht Hall16/06/2008
The Internet at Wartime (in collaboration with Sapir)
Social Media and the Commodification of Community
WIPO Worldwide Academy Joint Post-Graduate IP Workshop ProgramThe Center for Law and Technology at the Faculty of Law, University of Haifa holds a Workshop for Research Students in Intellectual Property in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).Mitzpor Rabin05/03/2008
New Copyright Legislation 2007: The Day After...On November 19, 2007, the Knesset, the Israel Parliament legislated the new Copyright Law which replaced the English Copyright Act of 1911(!), which was in force until recently.15/01/2008
collapse 2007
Licensing open Sourse information18/12/2007
Round Table with adv. Li Maor from WIPO02/12/2007
How to create and stay aliveThe team of Creative Commons Israel, a project that operates within the Center for Law and Technology at the Faculty of Law, Haifa University, invites you to participate in a different event - a little less legal and a little more creative. This event will try to bring closer creators to CC and to the world of alternative copyrights.21/06/2007
collapse 2006
Intellectual Property Enforcement
In this meeting we will discuss the latest IP Enforcement developments.
Hall No. 404528/11/2006
e-CommerceSafdie Auditorium, Multi-Purpose Building, University of Haifa29/03/2006
File Sharing Sites Room 6013, Rabin building03/01/2006
collapse 2005
Creative Commons Israel Launch Event​​​A live Video-Conference Lecture by Professor Lawrence Lessig of Stanford, Chairman of Creative CommonsHecht Auditorium, University of Haifa09/06/2005
Aladdin Prize Granting EventHecht Auditorium, University of Haifa26/05/2005
Intellectual Property, Information Technology & Economic Development - An International ViewPublic lecture by Professor Daniel Gervais, University of Ottawa, Canada. 17/05/2005
Reinhold Cohn Prize Granting CeremonyRoom 570, Education Building, University of Haifa17/05/2005
collapse 2004
Mail or Junk? The Law & Technology of The Battle Against Spam
Law, Technology & All That SPAM...
Sefadia Auditorium16/12/2004
Music Online - copying or sharing?16/11/2004
The New IP Order- A Global Trade-Off
2004 will be the 10th anniversary of the TRIPS Agreement (the agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights). TRIPS sought to harmonize intellectual property law globally, and to minimize differences among states protecting intellectu
Intellectual property and Antitrust
The extension of the intellectual property rights beyond the traditional boundaries raises questions of the balance between the incentives we want the creator to have and the interest of open and free competition
Hecht Auditorium - University of haifa02/05/2004
collapse 2003
Workshop: Information & E-Commerce
The workshop will explore and study the meaning of privacy in the digital environment, the needs of the various players in the field (the state and its authorities, industries of various kinds, and users-consumers), and the ways in which data is gathered,
will update soon17/12/2003
Aladdin Prize for Excellent Student Works in Law & Technology
The Aladdin prize will be awarded for the 7th year, for excellent works in law and technology, written by law students of the Haifa Faculty of Law., The prize is sponsored by Aladdin Enterprises.
Will be updated soon09/06/2003
Free Software and Peer Production, Economics of Wireless Communications: Toward an Open Spectrum P
Workshops on Law & Technology, chaired by Dr. Niva Elkin-Koren and Dr. Michael Birnhack, Guest Lecturer: Prof. Yochai Benkler, Yale Law School
Education building, room 350209/06/2003
Patenting biotechnology
The IP Symposium aims at exploring the cutting-edge questions that arise in the interface of scientific research, economy, law and public policy.
Commerce Center, Tel Aviv15/05/2003
collapse 2002
New Copyright Legislation for Israel
Information Technology Law Workshop:, New Copyright Legislation for Israel
Invited only11/12/2002
Intellectual Property Antitrust - Monopolies in Competition
collapse 2001
Freedom of expression on the Web