​​​Commercialization of Governmental R&D Sector's Outputs Through Patents 




The public sector invests in research and development activity (R&D) in direct or indirect manners, through varied bodies, including governmental research institutes, the military industry and research initiatives in the different governmental ministries through their chief scientists' offices. Governmental research is an applied research which is directed by the public needs, and attends the progress of the residents' benefits and the national economy. Recently, the varied bodies which focus on the governmental R&D are relatively active in encouraging knowledge transfer and commercialization of intellectual property rights (IPR) between the different R&D sectors.

When this activity is covered by different regulations and licensing agreements, it meets varied challenges related to the substantiation of the IPR and policy enforcement. In recent years many varied proposals have been made to reform the R&D policy of the State of Israel dealing with the way in which use is made of knowledge achieved through public funding. These proposals are thought provoking in that they concern the structural tension between the goal of public financing of R&D in the governmental sector and IP: IP is designed primarily to encourage investment in R&D in the private sector. Therefore, one may ask whether there is also justification for or a benefit to be gained from enforcing such a mechanism on research and development carried out in the government sector. This tension raises important questions concerning the character and functions of the public R&D system in Israel and reflects the disagreements concerning the goals of public investment in research throughout the government sector and the optimal means of attaining those goals. One of the most protruding issues in this situation is the lack of coherent policy regarding the commercialization of governmental R&D products. There is no responsible body for the definition of governmental policy regarding governmentally funded knowledge commercialization, while consideration of this sector's goals. Also there is no organized follow-up regarding the application of this policy.

This project seeks to lay down a wide ranging infrastructure for the crystallization of a scientific policy concerning the transfer of knowledge originating in research that is conducted with public funding, while focusing on the governmental R&D sector. The research examines the regulation regarding knowledge transfer from the governmental sector, while examining the situation in U.S, in comparison. Also the research maps the varied bodies that are responsible for governmental knowledge transfer policy and the different actors that are active in the knowledge transfer processes, while examination of this activity and research outputs through IPR management's analysis. Based on our findings, recommendations for governmental knowledge transfer policy will be crystallized. 



Commercialization of Governmental R&D Sector's Outputs Through Patents [Hebrew]