​Fellowships and Prizes

The Haifa Center for Law and Technoogy awards students interested in joining the research projects as research assistants and research fellows with scholarships. For further details on the leading research projects, see the relavent pages. Further research options can discusses with the Haifa Center for Law and Technology's Faculty Members​.

In the past, the Haifa Center for Law and Technology awared the following fellowships and prizes:

Reinhold Cohn Scholarship for Visiting Professors​

The Reinhold Cohn Group​ supports the Haifa Center for Law and Technology by funding an annual chair for a visiting professor in IP.

Adelman Fellow​ship

The Martin Adelman​ Fellowship in Intellectual Property is offered to an outstanding Haifa University student specializing in IP. 

Past and previous scholarships:

Aladdin Prize:

The Haifa Center of Law and Technology is committed to promoting research excellence and cutting-edge scholarship in legal aspects of Law & Technology.

The Aladdin Prize is rewarded for outstanding papers in law and technology authored by students at the Haifa Faculty of Law.

​The Center for Law and Technology awards the national prize for outstanding student papers in Intellectual Property, sponsered by the Reinhold Cohn Group. The prize is designated to the promote scholarly research in IP law and to encourage original interdisciplinary research, addressing timely issues of the creative and R&D communities and businesses in Israel.

Lakers Holding Group Prize for Outstanding Articles​

The Center for Law and Technology, the Faculty of Law in the University of Haifa, and the editorial board of the Haifa Law Review invite lawyers and law scholars to submit articles on "Regulation of the digital communications market in Israel: trends and technological challenges in the 21st century" for a competition. The prizes for selected outstanding articles are made possible thanks to a generous donation given by the Zalmanovich family in order to advance research in law, media and technology in Israel.​