מרצים בתוכנית

a2Global Responsibility Theory and Practice in Law and Politics

Prof. Jürgen Neyer, Europa-Universität Viadrina Germany

a2Courts and Social Policy

Malcolm Feeley, Berkley USA

a2Philosophy of Rights

Wojciech Sadurski, University of Sydney Australia

a2The Constitutional Right to Human Dignity in Four Western Democracies

Stephen F. Ross, PennState USA

a2Intellectual property law and cultural industries: a EU perspective

Prof. Lilla' Montagnani, Bocconi University

a2Dignitary and Business Torts: Defamation, Privacy and Economic Harms

Catherine Sharkey, NYU USA

a2Law and Culture in Israel and Europe

Prof. Oreste Pollicino , Bocconi Italy

a2Law and Culture in Israel and Europe

Prof. Shulamit Almog , University of Haifa Israel

a2Free Speech and Privacy in the Transition from the World of Atoms to the World of Bits

Prof. Oreste Pollicino , Bocconi Italy

a2Behavioral Law and Economics

Prof. Avishalom Tor, University of Haifa Israel

a2Colloquium in Law and Economics

Prof. Alan Miller , University of Haifa Israel

a2SENTENCING: Law, Policy and Practice

Prof. Julian Roberts, Oxford

a2Foundations of Tax Theory

Prof. Sarah Lawsky, Northwestern USA


מרצים בתוכנית בשנים עברו

Prof. Shulamit Almog, University of Haifa, Israel   Prof. Christopher McCrudden, Michigan Law, USA
Prof. Rochelle Dreyfuss, NYU, USA   Prof. Ann Monotti, Monash Law, Australia
Prof. Tomas Eger, University of Hamburg   Prof. Oreste Pollicino, Bocconi University, Italy
Prof. Marco Greggi, University of Ferrara, Italy   Prof. Deniel L. Rubinfeld, Berkeley University, USA
Prof. Ester Herlin-Karnell, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands   Prof. Anthony Sebok, Cardozo Law school, USA
Prof. Robert Howse, NYU, USA   Prof. Avishalom Tor, University of Haifa, Israel
Prof. David Abraham, University of Miami, USA
Prof. Tereza Kyselovska, Masaryk University, Check Republic
Prof. Amin Alavy, Aarhus University, Denmark   Prof. Christian Osterrieth, Germany
Prof. Emanuela Carbonara, University of Bologna, ITALY   Prof. Daniel Sokol, University of Florida, USA
Prof. Malcom Feeley, Berkeley Law, University of California, U.S.A   Prof. Lorne Sossin, University of Toronto, Canada
Prof. Susy Frankel, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand   Prof. Marianne Wade, Birmingham Law School, UK
Prof. Heinz Goddar, Germany   Prof. Wen Yeu Wang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Prof. Peter Gottwald, University of  Regensburg, Germany   Prof. Michael Waterstone, Loyola Law School, USA
Prof. Christoph Hofstaetter, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria